Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino held a news conference outlining his plan to spur job growth in upstate New York.

Astorino says his plan is modeled after what he did as Westchester County Executive: reducing taxes and regulations to spark business development. He says this will keep more people in the state, and lead them to invest in their local communities.

Astorino also says that our region has an abundance of natural gas. He says fracking could lead to an economic boom in Greater Binghamton.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Rob Astorino says, “I think people who own land, that can have private leases with companies should potentially get wealthy of it or make money, but I would also take a percentage of the gross sales and receipts and use that for direct property tax relief in every county that opts in. This will create a lot of jobs, property tax relief, it’ll make land owners wealthier, which is obviously important, and we need the energy to bring back manufacturing in a lot of different ways, including high tech.”

The New York State Legislature passed former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ban on fracking into law several years ago.

Primary day is June 28th.