NEWARK VALLEY, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Twin sisters in Newark Valley have accomplished an impressive feat, finishing first and second in their graduating class.

Karli Berghorn is the 2023 valedictorian and her sister Katie is the salutatorian.

The fraternal twins says they’ve always taken school seriously and are particularly proud of their good grades because they had to contend with COVID disruptions during high school.

Both of them credit their supportive parents, the helpful teachers at Newark Valley and their desire to see each other succeed. However, Katie says there is naturally a certain amount of competition.

“It does push us to want to both be better than the other. But it helps us both be the best. I’m proud of how we both got here,” she said.

Despite their similar academic achievements, the sisters are different in their personalities and interests.

Karli is more artistic and has a better sense of humor.

Katie is musical and loves to play sports.

And Katie is better at math, so she helped Karli along the way.

“I wasn’t really great at math. So she used to help me a lot with my homework and stuff. It’s like we help each other out but then I still always want to get a better grade than her just to say I could get a better grade than her,” Karli says.

Karli was senior class president and participated in the New Visions Health Academy.

She will be attending Saint John Fisher University to study nursing.

Katie played field hockey, basketball and softball and was a member of a number of music groups at school.

She is going to Houghton University where she’ll study math and play field hockey.

Newark Valley’s graduation takes place on Friday June 23rd.