BINGHAMTON, NY – A magical exhibit is coming to the Ross Park Zoo.

Organizers are calling it the Imagination Forest.

The goal is to promote awareness and stewardship of our natural environment in a fun and whimsical way.

The project is transforming an unused section of the zoo into a fantasy wonderland.

Chief Imagination Officer Traci Pena says that it is going to be an interactive, tactile, musical experience for all ages.

“It’s very magical and mystical. You know, how the trees possibly talk to each other, and what’s happening under ground, and all of that. So, obviously that’s part of the project. We want people, kids, and families to explore their creativity and expand their creativity and see what’s possible,” she says.

Organizers are looking for donations of fan blades, paint, large bowls, condiment bottles, tile pieces, tree stumps, wooden spools and plywood.

For those interested in donating or volunteering, you can find the details at