BINGHAMTON, NY – Mayor Jared Kraham announced that the marijuana industry is establishing a foothold in Binghamton.

Kraham released a draft zoning map for future cannabis businesses in the City of Binghamton. The draft map is available for viewing on the City’s website, here

It is subject to change based upon state regulations and input from the public and stakeholders.

Kraham describes that there will be a five-hundred foot buffer zone around all schools and two-hundred foot buffer zones around places of worship.

The Office of Cannabis Management is expected to release updated draft regulations in the coming weeks, which will most likely change the current layout on the zoning proposal.

Mayor Jared Kraham says, “We have a City Hall that’s very open to cannabis businesses. We did not opt out of retail or outside consumption. So we want to be a leader in this market. We want to corner potential investment, and if you’re going to invest in New York State cannabis, give people a reason to do it in Binghamton.”

Kraham urges the community to comment and share their thoughts on the proposal. The next thirty days are a public comment period.

You can submit your feedback to