A Binghamton start-up company is receiving recognition for its innovation in the recycling and concrete industries.

KLAW Industries is receiving a grant from FuzeHub’s Innovative Fund for $49,900.

KLAW launched in 2019 after the founders discovered similar problems at recycling facilities.

The company has created a stronger, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly alternative for concrete.

The product is called Pantheon; KLAW takes on post-consumer glass and removes any unwanted materials to create a high-quality cement replacement.

COO of KLAW Industries, Jacob Kumpon says, “The grant is a joint project with the Kaufman Incubator, FuzeHub, and KLAW Industries, and it’s mainly to expand our logistics operations here in the city and begin expanding and going to other regions throughout New York State and servicing their glass as well as their concrete.”

The grant will be applied to expand KLAW’s logistics operations such as acquiring trucks and trailers for distribution.

This innovative fund grant, along with money received in the past, will also help to pay new, KLAW Industries employees.

The company just hired its first mechanical engineer, and is looking for a Class-A truck driver, grant writer, and another engineer.

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