JOHNSON CITY, NY – In honor of Memorial Day, local elementary students visited a cemetery to give those who served their country, a token of their gratitude.

Johnson City Elementary School students decorated the veteran graves throughout Calvary Cemetery with American Flags.

The students crafted the flags in their classrooms, each flag contains a personal, hand-written message.

Several members of the military joined in to share their experiences and teach the kids about the importance of Memorial Day.

Third Grader Mason Randall says, “Is just remembering all of the soldiers that have passed away fighting for our freedom. And I’m just very grateful. And it’s about being grateful that they did do that for you. Like they’re pretty much the reason that we are safe right now.”

The students were given a sheet that detailed the start and end dates for every war throughout American History. As they were placing flags, the students were also learning about the importance of each war and the differences between them.