BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Each year, on May 18th, a flag is raised in honor of Haiti.

The Deputy Mayor of the City of Binghamton, Megan Heiman was joined by members of the local Haitian community yesterday at City Hall to celebrate Haitian flag day.

In Haiti, flag day is a major holiday, and is celebrated by millions around the world to commemorate the country’s history.

The Haitian flag shows a coat of arms at the top of a green hill, symbolizing the people’s readiness to defend their country.

Brutus Charles is the President of the Southern Tier Haitian Association and reiterated the nation’s motto, unity makes strength.

“Today, as we raise our flag high, let it be a symbol of our resilience, unity, and unwavering hope. May it serve as a reminder of the battles we have won, and the challenges we have overcome,” he says.

Charles prayed and gave thanks to Broome County and the City of Binghamton for the opportunities it has given him.

After the flag was flying high, Charles invited everyone to a meal at his family owned Caribbean fusion restaurant called Tsha’s in Binghamton.