Bellevue University is the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Business of the Week.

Bellevue is a private, non-profit university. The physical campus is in Bellevue Nebraska, but the university’s online programs reach every corner of the country and other parts of the world.

The University opened its doors in 1966, and has been offering online programs since the 90’s.

Bellevue has partnerships with campuses around the country, one being SUNY Broome.

Bellevue is an option for those who may have a job and or family responsibilities but also want to continue their education.

Bellevue offers over fifty online programs.

The Relationship Manager for Bellevue University here in Broome County, Megan Comstock says that the school accepts credits from any accredited institution, despite long it’s been since being enrolled.

Relationship Manager for Bellevue University, Megan Comstock says, “What I see in the future is just continuing to create better relationships and pathways with the folks at SUNY Broome. They’ve got awesome faculty and staff there that have just been amazing to help me get in tough with students, and really help us show students the best way to go from their associates degree to a bachelor’s.”

Comstock says that what makes Bellevue unique is its cohort class format.
This scheduling format allows for those who have other responsibilities outside of school, to not be overwhelmed.

Students take just one or two classes at a time.

The classes are accelerated so it does not take as long as the average 12 week semester.

If you are interested in Bellevue University, you can visit their website at

Or call Megan Comstock at 778-5071.