JOHNSON CITY, NY – A local car dealership held a frenzied version of its annual charity drive, criss-crossing the county with donations.

We caught up with the folks from Gault Toyota at CFJ Park in Johnson City on Wednesday as it was making a stop during their Gault Gives Back High Speed Edition.

It was one of 3 consolidated stops the auto dealer made, giving out checks to multiple local non-profits.

In total, Gault made 23 stops over a 4 hour period, giving out a total of 50 thousand dollars in increments between 500 dollars and 25 hundred.

Allan Eagles is General Manager of Gault Toyota and the son-in-law of Bob and Connie Gault.

Eagles says it’s a great way to support a number of small organizations in our area that may not receive a lot of recognition.

“It’s to bring awareness to these nonprofits. A lot of people don’t know they exist. And they all do wonderful things. A lot of them need help, they need volunteer help. They don’t even need money help, they need volunteer help. And we bring awareness to what they do, where they are, that’s the goal,” he said.

Recipients were chosen through an application process and the donation amounts were determined based on need.

Gault Gives Back has been taking place since 2017, but this was the first time the dealership brought the donations to the non-profits.

You can find out more about who got the gifts at the Facebook page Gault Auto Mall.