NewsChannel 34 is gearing up for its annual Founders day event at the Ross Park Zoo.

Each year, NewsChannel 34 goes out and supports our local community in honor of our mother company, Nexstar’s anniversary. This year, the NewsChannel 34 crew is volunteering at the Imagination Forest Exhibit at Ross Park.

The Imagination Forest project started with Traci Pena, the founder of the Fairy Doors Across Broome.

The exhibit plans to be an interactive, educational experience for all ages.

Volunteer on the project, Edward Garbaty, says that they are already planning on expanding the exhibit further up the hillside.

Volunteer for the Imagination Forest Project, Edward Garbaty says, “Parents will be standing along the road’s edge and their kids will be up playing in the shack, and investigating what’s on the hill. The zoo and Traci came up with this plan to develop this into a multi-sensory exhibit and we have a lot of neat stations that are going to be built up here for that purpose.”

Some aspects of the Imagination Forest include a stump amphitheater, yarn bombs around the trees, and several houses for the fairies and magical creatures of the forest to reside.

The NewsChannel 34 crew will be getting their hands dirty and preparing the space for several installations yet to come.