BROOME, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Former Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell has now added to his criminal record in an effort to cover up his previous crime.

Current DA Mike Korchak held a news conference today to address Cornwell’s guilty plea to a grand larceny charge yesterday.

While serving as DA in March of 2019, Cornwell stole the case file of his own conviction for driving drunk and fighting with cops back in 1995.

Originally charged with DWI, resisting arrest, assault of a police officer and obstructing governmental administration, Cornwell ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges in a plea deal.

In addition to stealing the file, Cornwell also altered his name and changed his date of birth in the District Attorney’s database.

In 2019, he announced that rather than run for re-election as DA, he would launch what ended up being a failed bid for Congress.

Korchak says there’s only one set of rules when it comes to criminal justice.

“You can’t have rules for politicians, rules for public officials and rules for the general public. I have commented before that if someone in your family had a criminal conviction, wouldn’t they like it wiped out of the DA computer system and altered and destroyed so that no one could find it?”

Cornwell also stole the case file of his assistant Jim Worhach’s 2013 felony DWI arrest, which lead to Worhach pleading guilty to possession of stolen property.

Worhach still faces charges for allegedly defrauding the county by submitting bogus parking reimbursements, a charge that the judge dismissed against Cornwell.

Korchak says additional controls are being implemented to prevent employees from criminally altering the DA’s case database.