BINGHAMTON, NY – The former Crowley dairy plant on Binghamton’s Southside is going up for auction later this month.

The historic brick building on the banks of the Susquehanna River was built around 1907.

Crowley ceased operations there in 2014 when its owner H-P Hood moved production elsewhere.

The building was recently foreclosed on with an outstanding property tax bill of 80 thousand dollars.

Additionally, about 220 thousand dollars is owed to the Broome County Industrial Development Agency for investments it made into Mountain Fresh.

The property auction, which includes the contents, is scheduled for June 16th at the Broome County Courthouse.

Members of The Agency board say that the IDA will bid the amount it is owed and will likely end up owning the plant with the hopes of turning around and selling it to another dairy operator.

Board members believe it could be worth as much as 2 million dollars.