A local counseling service held an unveiling today for its new, expanded facilities.

Family and Children’s Counseling Services announced that it is expanding is current, single story headquarters at 257 Main Street in Binghamton, directly next door with a 9 thousand square foot, two story building.

The funding for the project is a 3 point 9 million dollar grant provided by the New York Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program.

CEO of Family and Children’s Counseling Services, Lisa Hoeschele says that espeically since the pandemic, mental health and addiction services are needed more than ever.

“We’re very focused on the fact that we’re not just one county organization, we’re a regional organization that uses its heft to support all of our communities. And its been great to be here, the county and the city are so supportive,” she says.

The expansion will create more space for mental health services, substance abuse treatment and an implementation of primary care.

Ground Breaking for the project is set to take place in early Fall.