ENDICOTT, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Time is running out for Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson to get the signatures she needs to run for a second term.

Jackson has been circulating petitions this month to secure an independent line she’s calling the Endicotter Party on November’s ballot.

This follows a successful challenge to her Republican petitions that got her thrown out of a potential GOP primary against trustee Nick Burlingame.

She needs 161 valid signatures from registered Endicott voters who did not sign petitions for Burlingame or Democrat Larry Coppola.

However, she’s set a goal of between 200 and 250 signatures to give her a larger cushion than she had with her Republican petitions, when she submitted only 11 more than the required amount.

Jackson says voters should have the opportunity to keep her if they want her.

“I’ve got so much going on and I’ve got so many irons in the fire, as it were, that I really don’t want to give up yet because I’m the one with the contacts and I have forged the relationships that have made all this progress and the grants that I get possible,” she said.

Jackson says she’s collected over 100 signatures so far herself and that numerous volunteers and village businesses are circulating petitions on her behalf.

To help in the process, she’s scheduled a petition signing event for tomorrow evening from 5 to 7 at the Endicott Visitors Center on Lincoln Avenue.