ENDWELL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Debate continues to rage in the Maine-Endwell school community over the district’s decision to allow an after school Satan club at Homer Brink Elementary.

Last Thursday, as students left for the 4-day weekend, they brought home fliers for the program sponsored by The Satanic Temple.

The district says that because it gives space to the Christian-affiliated Good News Club, it must also accept the Satan Club or opt to not let any outside organizations use school facilities.

Endwell resident Eric Emerick has a child at the M-E Middle School and says he chose to buy his house so that his kid could go to Maine-Endwell.

Emerick thinks the district should ban these clubs and offer after school programming of its own.

“I want our school district to be known as the Little League World Champions or the Teacher of the Year, Rachel Murat. That’s what our school district should be known for, not putting us on the map with this what I call cult. I think this group is peddling poison in a candy wrapper,” he said.

Emerick believes all parents in the district should have been notified, not just those with students at Homer Brink.

The Satanic Temple says the program will offer students science and community service projects, puzzles and games, nature activities, arts and crafts and snacks.

The Thursday sessions are scheduled to begin on March 16th in the Homer Brink gym lead by volunteers from the Satanic Temple Albany congregation.

Several people have posted online their support for the Satan Club’s right to offer after school activities on the NewsChannel 34 Facebook page.