BINGHAMTON, NY – Chenango Valley Central School District held a board meeting that was open for the public to comment.

The meeting was held to address the recent sexual harassment allegations made by female students.

The CV School Board has turned to Vaughan Baio and Partners to facilitate the investigation into both the sexual harassment allegations, as well as the reaction from the school’s administration.

The meeting was opened to the public, and invited CV District residents to speak directly to the board, and the representative from the law firm.

Maria Montemagno, a concerned Chenango Valley parent says that the entire district is backing support for the fifteen girls who spoke up.

Parent of a Chenango Valley Student, Maria Montemagno, says, “The law firm told us how their going to do the investigation, the steps they’re going to take, which was wonderful. The only thing we are nervous about is now, with these findings, it’s going to go back to the administration, and that’s a little scary because that’s where the issues became at first and we don’t know. All parents, and students, and victims, everybody’s very very nervous.”

Vaughan Baio and Partners gave a presentation on how the investigative process will continue.

Another Chenango Valley parent, Micah Genung thinks that it’s time for the administration to make changes.

Parent of a Chenango Valley Student, Micah Genung says, “They want to make the taxpayers pay for all of this rather than putting that money into comprehensive, trauma informed, education and prevention within our school system. These are things that legally, our school system is already obligated to have in place and they clearly are not following through on any of it.”

The Chenango Valley School Board and District is unable to comment at this time, as the investigation is ongoing.

The presentation given by the law firm is available on Chenango Valley’s district website.
Vaughan Baio and Partners strongly encourage anyone who has any information to contact them via their confidential hot-line created specifically for this investigation.
You can email them at or call at 267-386-4387.