Local high school students started an initiative that provides free personal care products for those who need it.

Chenango Forks students recently opened several product pantry sites throughout each school building.

The idea originated with senior, Cassidy Nowik, who recognized that many of her lower income peers do not have a support system at home.

Senior at Chenango Forks High School, Cassidy Nowik says, “We started the product pantry at Chenango Forks to help lower income students just grab any supplies they need. There’s a lot of things, there’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, pads, tampons, hair-ties, bobby pins, wipes, really just anything you might need. Even if you just don’t have it at home or if you just forgot it for today, like, forget a hair-tie for gym, that might help. But we just wanted to help out our community in any way we can cause sometimes it just gets overlooked.”

The project started off with a three-hundred dollar donation from the school’s art club, and now, students have raised nearly two-thousand dollars.

There are two product pantries in the High School, and one in both the Middle and Elementary Schools.