WINDSOR, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Broome County residents have the chance to see first hand where their food comes from this weekend.

Cornell Cooperative Extension is holding its Fall Open Farm Day tomorrow at 14 different locations.

That includes the Windsor Schools Land Lab, located directly across Route 79 from the high school.

The student-run farm is part of the school’s Ag program and grows a wide variety of produce including pumpkins, squash, beans, tomatoes, eggplant, corn and okra.

Plus an orchard section with apple trees and blueberry bushes.

The fruits and vegetables harvested are included in the school lunch or available free to those who need them from the farm’s produce shed.

Land Lab Supervisor Jessica Swingle says the operation has generated almost 3 thousand pounds of produce so far this year.

“It’s to show them, to make them think back, where do your clothes come from? Where does your food come from? Is it easier to get it from the local grocery store or going to a bigger chain store or just coming right to your local farmers markets because they have the fresh produce,” she said.

At 1 o’clock tomorrow, Windsor Senior Tanner Krom will be giving a presentation about the farm’s apiary.

He grew up with a couple horses, some chickens and a vegetable garden but says he didn’t know anything about bees until taking the school’s environmental science program.

Now Krom is ready to start an apiary of his own.

“My mom, every day I tell her after school she always asks what I do in Ag. I tell her what I did. After telling her about the bees, I’ve actually interested her in wanting to get bees. So, this Spring, we’re going to get bees and hopefully I can share some of my knowledge about bees to her so that we can be successful beekeepers,” says Krom.

The Land Lab also plans to bring in some livestock, hold a scavenger hunt and have mini grenhouses that children can build.

The school’s Future Farmers of America club will be making and selling food.

Hours will be 10 to 4 tomorrow.

For a list of locations and their hours, go to

Other sites include farms, farmers markets and farm stores.

Participants can fill out a passport card for the chance to win prizes.