JOHNSON CITY, NY – Century Sunrise Apartments in Johnson City is the Greater Binghamton Chamber Business of the Week.

The two building apartment complex offers 104 rentable affordable housing units.

The former factories used to be a part of the Endicott Johnson Shoe Company before they underwent historical redevelopment in 2018.

Since opening in 2019, Century Sunrise has maintained 100 percent occupancy.

The Assistant Regional Property Manager, Michelle Roody says, that Century Sunrise is proud to fill the need for affordable housing in our area.

“There is a great need, all over the country, especially here in Broome County. I’ve seen a very great need for affordable housing, clean housing, safe housing, for our local residents,” she says.

Century Sunrise offers single bedrooms as well as two and three bedroom apartments.

Roody says that the rent at Century Sunrise is lower than the average market price.

Residents must earn less than 34 thousand, 980 dollars annually to be considered for a single person home, and less than 36 thousand for 2 people.

For more information regarding the requirements, and apartments available, you can visit