BINGHAMTON, NY – Mirabito stadium was lined with vendors to rejuvenate Greater Binghamton’s local economy.

The Broome-Tioga Workforce Job Fair took place yesterday, July 12th, throughout the stadium concourse.

Thirty-five local vendors had tables set up; looking over resumes and talking about available positions with job seekers.

There were over 1,000 jobs available between the thirty-five organizations in attendance.

Executive Director of the Broome-Tioga Workforce, Bob Murphy says, that the job fair promotes life-long careers in a variety of fields.

Executive Director of the Broome-Tioga Workforce, Bob Murphy says, “One of the things going on right now is, with the economy, is getting a little less clear as to what’s going on. There are going to be fewer openings shortly so folks who are kind of sitting on the sidelines for the summer time might be good to close their summer up soon. Get in, get a job, and wait to see what happens.”

Anyone who attended the fair also received two free tickets to a Rumble Ponies game of their choice.

Murphy says that Brome-Tioga Workforce has several other career initiatives in the near future.

One being a Manufacturing Training Program beginning on August 1st.

Those looking for work can visit the workforce’s website: