As we enter the Summer season, Broome County is undergoing a record of renovations to its roads.

County Executive Jason Garnar announced last week that Broome County is conducting a record amount of roadwork this Summer.

Last year, the county had set a record with sixty-miles of roads getting work; however, this summer, that record will be broken as Broome plans on improving seventy-three miles.

In total, there are roughly three-hundred and forty miles worth of roads.
Garnar says every corner of the county will be seeing work done.

County Executive Jason Garnar says, “Roads a bipartisan thing. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat or anywhere in between, that’s what people want to see. These are the things that people see every day when they go to work or just travel around. It’s really important to them, it’s really important to us and we’re glad that we’re able to do a record amount of roads and we hope to continue to do that for the foreseeable future.”

Due to escalation, the black top that the county purchases becomes approximately ten percent more expensive every month. This year, Broome received additional funding through New York State that equates to roughly $1.9 million.