BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The lights have gone out at Binghamton Fluorescent after 77 years.

A combination birthday and retirement party was held for owner Andy Shuman who is closing the store in Binghamton today.

Shuman has worked at the business that his grandfather began for 46 years.

He has fond memories of when his father and brother moved the store to 235 Main Street around 1980.

Shuman made his final sale today, a custom fixture for a longtime customer.

He’s been selling off the merchandise since announcing the closure back in March.
The remaining stock will be sold at a Manasse auction.

Shuman, who just turned 72, says he’ll miss his loyal clientele but not the long hours.

“Almost 46 years of 6 days a week is long enough. That part I won’t miss. But a lot of my customers I do. I have a lot of nice notes and cards, phone calls, emails,” he says.

Shuman isn’t getting completely out of the lighting business.

He plans to work as a lighting consultant at Northern Lights Lamp Shop in Endicott by appointment only.

Meanwhile, he sold 235 Main Street to property investors from Brooklyn.

Shuman says he doesn’t know what their plans are for the building.