BINGHAMTON, NY – A collaboration among some Binghamton High School students has lead to a fun way for some pre-schoolers to regulate their energy.

Paige Kopelow and Mackenzie Carter, working on an International Baccalaureate service project, teamed up with students in the Preparation for Adult Living Skills program to create a Sensory Pathway in the hall outside of the Pre-K classroom that is located at the high school.

The path has instructions for the young students to hop, jump, spin and bear walk along the hallway.

The sensory path is used to help the pre-schoolers regulate their bodies when they’re over stimulated or getting restless.

Speech Pathologist Michele Transue says the project was a great way to bring the high schoolers together as well.

“The kids who are the gen ed kids can really learn from the special ed kids and vice versa. Just to see them working together as a group where there’s no definition of who’s who, is just really endearing,” she says.

There are actually 2 paths, one with an animal theme and the other focused on letters, numbers and colors.

Transue says even some high school students enjoy following the pathway too.