BINGHAMTON, NY – A Binghamton High School student is using his own experiences to raise awareness about an often misunderstood disorder.

Senior Kellen Orlando has Tourette’s Syndrome and has spent much of his youth advocating on behalf of himself and others.

Orlando recently attended the Tourette National Conference in Minneapolis and has participated in a Congressional lobbying day in Washington D-C over the past 3 years.

He says Tourette’s is about more than just motor and vocal ticks.

He says it often involves depression, ADHD and anxiety as well.

Orlando says his advocacy, and meeting with others with Tourette’s, has helped to build his confidence.

“I feel that the more people learn about Tourette’s, if they’re able to get more knowledge about it, the more understanding people will become,” he said.

Orlando has also given presentations to classmates to raise awareness.

And at his request, County Executive Jason Garnar proclaimed tomorrow, June 4th, Tourette Syndrome Advocacy Day in Broome County.