ENDICOTT, NY – A Town of Dickinson woman has written a memoir to raise awareness of child predators and promote healing among fellow victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Amber Gregory recently published “Little Sweetheart.”

It recounts how she was groomed, abused and raped by her dance teacher when she 12 years old.

Gregory, who grew up in Endicott, was sexually abused by an older male teacher at a Johnson City dance studio that is no longer in business.

She says she was not a troubled child, but came from a loving home.

Gregory says she was targeted by her abuser because she was eager to please him, and loved the attention that her teacher lavished on her.

What started with praise and the exchanging of notes in October, gradually progressed to abuse the following June.

“They make the child complicit in what’s going on. So that when the actual abuse happens, the children feel very much that it’s there fault. And that they somehow asked for this to happen to them. And they don’t seek help,” she says.

Gregory did extensive research on child molesters and their victims and integrates spiritual inspiration in detailing her healing journey.

She will be holding a book signing this Sunday at Cinema Saver in Endicott from 4 to 6 p.m.

The book, which is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, will be sold Sunday at the discounted price of 8 dollars.

Gregory says she also looks forward to discussing her experiences with others who want to know the warning signs of child sexual abuse.