BINGHAMTON, NY – Andrew Giuliani, special assistant to former president Donald J. Trump, appeared today in Rec Park in Binghamton during his campaign for New York State Governor.

New York State Gubernatorial campaigns are winding down towards primary day on this upcoming Tuesday, June 28th.

Giuliani says that the state government needs to stand up to political pressures from within both the Democratic and Republican parties and to refuse compromises with radicals.

He hopes that his agenda will benefit the city of Binghamton and, as he says, ‘make New York great again.’

“It’s making sure that we get crime under control, it’s making sure that we can clean frack in the state of New York, it’s making sure that our kids have an honest education about the good of America, the bad of America, but also the incredible of America, and I think it’s also about making sure that New York, from an economic standpoint, is a leader again in our country,” he says.

Giuliani is preparing to hold another event this coming Friday possibly at City Hall in Binghamton.

Polls to vote for NYS governor open on Tuesday, June 28th, from 6 AM to 9 PM.