Dorchester Park has added several amenities to increase the accessibility and cater to all ages.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar held a news conference with Broome County’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services to explain the new additions.

One being a new, fully accessible playground behind the large parking lot on the East side of the park.

The other addition is a new boat launch for kayakers; the boat launch is wheelchair accessible and has guard rails to help visitors make a stable transfer in-and-out of their kayaks.

County Executive Jason Garnar says, “I really think it’s amazing that we have an accessible boat launch. I think that it’s really important that, as a municipality, we do everything that we can to allow everybody in the county to be included in all different types of activities, whether its parks or anything else.”

A part of the Broome County Parks Plan is to listen to the public’s comments regarding each park. The number one comment that was made was that Dorchester lacked accessibility and age inclusivity.

Garnar says that taxpayers did not have to pay any extra money for these new amenities.

In total, the project was roughly $180,000 and fully covered through New York State grants.