SAYRE, Pa. (WETM) – One man has been arrested for terroristic threats among other charges after an incident at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital yesterday.

Yesterday morning around 10 AM the Sayre Borough Police Department was called to the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital for a patient that was out of control. When law enforcement arrived, they were advised that the patient was locked in a secure holding room and refusing to comply with any of their requests.

The subject was identified as 34-year-old Walter Bump III, of Towanda, Pa. When officers found the patient, he was locked in the room and had broken a wooden chair, and was smashing the window out of the door and windows in the room causing severe damage as described by the officer. After being asked to put down the piece of wood that was sharpened on one end, he allegedly told officers that if they opened the door, he was going to hit the officer in the head and kill all the officers that were there. At this time he was advised that he was under arrest and advised to start complying with the requests of the officers.

Additional officers were called to the scene for safety concerns. During the time for additional resources to arrive, Bump allegedly continued to punch holes into the drywall and tore out a light switch receptacle along with a badge access device, all of which were damaged or destroyed. During the time of attempting to de-escalate the situation, officers and hospital staff were covered in small glass shards, resulting in minor injuries.

Utilizing the damage that was already in place, an officer was able to position their TASER into the damaged area of the light receptacle and was able to activate it which cause the subject to be electrified which allowed another officer to TASER the subject to gain compliance. Even after being tasered the subject continued to fight and resisted officers, and during this time it is alleged that the subject attempted to grab one of the officer’s tasers, but was unsuccessful and was subsequently tased again, and subsequently placed in handcuffs.

The subject continued to yell obscenities and create a scene until he was able to be placed in a police vehicle where he attempted to kick out the windows of the vehicle. While in the police vehicle, the subject began to yell that he had an infectious disease, which the subject did have blood on himself, and several officers.

According to the police report the defiance continued at the police station where the subject go within a few inches of an officer in an attempt to push the officer and made statements that he was going to have to kill the police.

Walter Bump was charged with the following charges:
– Aggravated Assault. Grade 1 Felony (four counts)
– Terroristic Threats W/ Intent to Terrorize another. Grade 3 Felony
– Criminal Mischief. Grade 3 Felony
– Institutional Vandilism. Grade 3 Felony
– Disarming Law Enforcement Officer. Grade 3 Felony
– Resist Arrest. Grade 2 Misdemeanor
– Recklessly endangering another person. Grade 2 Misdemeanor
– Disorderly Conduct. A Grade 3 Misdemeanor

An initial estimate from hospital staff on the cost of the damages was $10,000. This number may change after a full assessment.