EAST SMITHFIELD, PA (WIVT/WBGH) – Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and a Northeast Pennsylvania animal shelter is looking to raise money for new cat kennels.

Animal Care Sanctuary, located in East Smithfield, hopes to raise $10,000 which will allow them to buy approximately 24 new cat cages.

According to the shelter, their current cages have experienced excessive wear and tear over the past few years and need to be updated.

They have also seen an increase in cats who need rescuing and need more space to accommodate these animals.

The shelter says that, “Individual cages provide a safe place for cats, including kittens, sick and recovering cats, and new cats that need to de-stress. Separate cages also help limit the spread of disease and illness.”

As of today, Animal Care Sanctuary has raised about $5,500. They look to reach their $10,000 goal by tomorrow and will be matching all of tomorrow’s donations until they reach it.

“The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and we’re excited that we’ve already received over three thousand dollars toward our goal,” said Executive Director Terri McKendry.  “With less than one week left, we’re trying to make that final push as we head into December.”

To donate, you can visit this link.