BINGHAMTON, NY – Black Owned 607 returns this week with a wellness coach who uses spirituality and empowerment to help her clients heal and thrive.

Ebony Tutora of Binghamton is the founder of Queens Recognize Queens.

The business began several years ago when Tutora began holding events that included poetry slams, networking opportunities and deejays, all with a focus on self-affirmation.

Since the pandemic, Tutora has turned to online coaching and consultations.

As a clairvoyant, she also offers spiritual and psychic readings helping people to unpack and release their negative energy and let go of limiting beliefs.

“If I’m able to lead people and they feel better, they feel lighter, if they feel happier, if they’re able to say, ‘I am amazing,’ to me that means the world. Because we’ve all had those moments when we felt not good enough,” says Tutora.

Tutora also creates and sells jewelry made from crystals and other natural stones.

She says the stones represent different energies and emotions such as trust, belonging and love.

Tutora says her events and her online business serve a diverse clientele.

She says it’s great to see added attention being paid to Black businesses.

“It’s really beautiful to see people supporting Black businesses intentionally. Especially because we’ve never really done that before from an intentional level. There’s been a lot of businesses that have come and shut down because they didn’t get the support. So, I think it’s really a beautiful thing to see and experience. And I think there’s a lot of new businesses that are going to come out of it,” says Tutora.

Tutora says she considers herself a spirit who is having a human experience rather than a human who occasionally is spiritual.

For more information, go to and you can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch Tutora’s full interview below: