BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Mayor Jared Kraham has issued a Winter Storm Update for the City of Binghamton.

8 to 14 inches of snow is expected for the Binghamton area and Binghamton public safety officials are issuing the following information to residents.

  • Refuse collection has been suspended for Tuesday, March 14th.
  • Officials are urging residents to refrain from parking on City streets in coming days to assist with snow removal operations.
  • If parking on-street, please follow the City’s alternate side parking rules. Rules can be found on the City’s website:
  • Binghamton Police will be focusing enforcement efforts on known problem areas, where chronic illegal parking has frequently impeded snow plow operations. Binghamton Police will continue to actively enforce City parking rules, including alternate side parking, and vehicles that are illegally parked and blocking plow routes will be ticketed or towed. 

“Alternate side parking rules are still in effect, and Binghamton Police will be actively enforcing all City parking rules to ensure plows can access every neighborhood and clear the streets,” said Mayor Kraham. “I’m again asking residents to help City plow drivers by refraining from parking on the street during the storm and using driveways, public garages or lots at City parks instead.”