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Volkswagen has introduced an update to the first member of its ID family of electric vehicles, the ID.3.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the updated ID.3 goes on sale in markets where the current compact hatch is offered later this year. While the U.S. isn’t one of the markets, the changes made to the ID.3 likely portend similar updates destined for ID EVs sold here.

The ID.3 gets revised styling on the outside, including a new front fascia with side curtains that bring a sportier look and are also claimed to improve aerodynamic efficiency. At the rear, the taillights now extend farther into the center of the hatch. There’s also a new olive green color as shown here.

Inside, the revised dash has a larger infotainment screen spanning 12.0 inches, up from the current model’s 10.0 inches. The center console also features a revised design with a pair of cupholders, and the cargo area now sports a removable floor. VW has also confirmed better quality materials, enhanced driver-assist technology, and a new software back end that supports over-the-air updates.

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The software updates also introduce Plug & Charge, which allows the vehicle to authenticate itself and start the charging process automatically at public charging stations. Another new feature is the introduction of crowd-sourced data for the Travel Assist feature. The feature now requires just one identified road lane marking to keep the vehicle in its lane when driving on country roads, when the required crowd-sourced data is available.

No changes have been announced for the powertrains. Depending on the market, the ID.3 is currently offered with 45-, 58-, or 77-kwh battery options, and a single motor at the rear rated at 205 hp and 229 lb-ft of torque. There are rumors of the addition of a dual-motor all-wheel-drive option at a later date.

More substantial updates are coming to the MEB platform that underpins the ID.3 and the rest of the ID family of EVs. Dubbed MEB+, the updated platform will accept Volkswagen Group’s next-generation battery cell design and introduce higher charging rates. VW Group is yet to announce what model will be the first to use the MEB+ platform.

The sole ID EV available in the U.S. at present is the ID.4 compact crossover. Other ID models confirmed for this market include the ID.Buzz van due out later this year, and the ID.7 mid-size sedan due out around the end of the year.

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