Auchinachie Cares is a program that gives back to local non-profits. Starting in 2016, Auchinachie Cares encourages non-profits to let them know what they could do with $1000. Each month a different non-profit is selected to receive the money.

It’s a great way to bring awareness to these organizations and reward them for the great work they do in and for our community, this month Tioga County Rural Ministry Food Pantry has been selected.

Tioga County Rural Ministry Food Pantry extends itself in many directions supporting and hosting many programs that all give back to the community, including a back-to-school program, a spring clean-up for seniors, along with nine other programs besides the food pantry. Learn more about them: 🌟Welcome to The Tioga County Rural Ministry!

We have had the privilege of serving the Tioga County area now for over 35 years and look forward to many more opportunities. It is a delight to work with many volunteers who give of their time, talents, finances, and energy to assist those in the Tioga County area who are in genuine need.

Tioga County Rural Ministry website

You can click on the above picture to go to the Auchinachie Services Facebook page to help Animal Care Sanctuary receive $1,000.