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Let News Channel 34 and Nexstar Digital bring you more of your most profitable customers! All News Channel 34. WIVT/WBGH,, and Nexstar Digital advertising plans are anchored in strategy and backed by Data.

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Our goal is to help clients develop their businesses through creative marketing via the most powerful advertising mediums ever created, broadcast television & digital media. Many small businesses assume that television and digital advertising is prohibitively expensive. News Channel 34 WIVT/WBGH and have a wide variety of advertising and marketing programs that can easily be afforded by local businesses. Our clients also have the opportunity to stretch their resources through local marketing/community projects designed to enhance their visibility in the marketplace.

News Channel 34 WIVT/WBGH and work with advertising agencies — we are ready to help your clients develop new business and expand their customers’ use of television, by providing research and assisting in executing promotions. We consider advertising agencies to be our marketing partners and will gladly assist start-up shops that wish to bring their clients to television as well as the web.

Nexstar Digital is a multi-platform digital media company that connects local brands to the right audiences. A market leader in local advertising, we democratize advanced media for small-to-medium businesses nationwide as well as larger companies on a global scale. Our local media solutions and best-in-class suite of advertising products are fueled by industry-leading data providers and ad quality monitoring systems that drive meaningful business results.
Our sales team can design campaigns that will reach your spot advertising goals, develop a digital strategy to reach your consumers no matter where they are online, and fulfill your complete marketing objectives through promotions, community service, and event marketing. We believe that venues like these require personal interaction and stand at the forefront of the consumers’ consciousness. Our goal is to not only reach the consumer but also to influence buyers to purchase your product.

We are committed to your overall advertising needs. Creative Services at News Channel 34 can produce compelling commercial marketing campaigns that will brand your business and give your customers top-of-mind awareness of you and what services you provide. Our in-house commercial producers are committed to working with you and delivering a professional production of your commercial that you will be proud to see on any device and share with your customers on social media.

Nexstar Digital can take your local business into the digital space. SEO, SEM, Social Media Advertising, YouTube, OTT Streaming, Advanced TV, Email Marketing, Social Media Reputation Management, display & video retargeting, and geofencing with conversion zones… If your head is spinning a little, don’t worry.

Our digital team can help you understand what type of digital advertising makes sense for your business and what goals you are trying to achieve to grow your business and reach your customers.

With digital advertising, we can deliver monthly reporting that can show you how your campaign is working for you.

Advertise with us so you can get back to running your business. We’ll bring the customers to you.

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