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Every week, we’re partnering with the Broome County Humane Society to bring you a special pet up for adoption each week.

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March 9: Kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! Wait! But that’s a PUP!

Well, her name is Kitty and she is a 2 year old little pittie with the cutest markings! 🥰 🐄

She has freckles on her big ears and one funny brow. 😄

Kitty was surrendered to the shelter because her previous family didn’t have time for her.

She is super sweet, eager to please and very loving.

Kitty has not been tested with cats or dogs.

She is a goof ball that likes to roll around on blankets.

She has a very friendly personality that she greets every person she meets with a tail wag and a smile.

Her smile is so big that her tongue always falls out.

If you’d like to meet this wonderful lady and make a friend in the process, please come down to the Humane Society today!

March 3: Polo

My name is Polo and I am looking for my “Marco” to come and adopt me.

What do you want to know about me? Well the meaning of my name tells it all:

P = Personality! I have the cutest personality, along with my cute face! Once I trust you, you will see I am always happy, smiling, silly and playful.

O = Outstanding! My behavior is just that – outstanding! You should see me smile while I am taking walks, playing with toys, getting treats and I love giving hugs and kisses.

I am cuddly, curious, friendly and high spirited too!

L = Legendary! I will become a legend for being such a great dog that will change your life forever.

My new home will have older children and have ample time for me and will have patience while I warm up to them to show my true, fantastic, self.

O = Obedient! With your large breed dog experience you will see how eager I am to please and how obedient I will be for you.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to The Humane Society to meet me – I’ll be the one looking for you!

And Guess What? My adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous soul (Thank you!) But don’t adopt me just because I am free, It must be the right someone that really loves me and will treat me like family furever and ever!

Feb 24: Alabaster

This BIG BOI is Alabaster, who was discovered taking shelter in somebody’s basement.

Alabaster’s gaze may be misconstrued as intimidating but he is actually a super sweet and cool guy learning what it’s like to be a housecat instead of an alley cat.

He’s cautious of new people but, speaking from experience, he is blossoming as he learns to trust.

Alabaster would shout for attention in intake (he’s super vocal) and by the end of barely over a week was loving head pets, kneading his paws, relaxing, and rolling around happily like a kitten.

He’s an AWESOME cat and whoever gets their hands on this guy will be so lucky to have the opportunity to see him transform!

Feb 17: Texas Ranger

Meet Texas Ranger!

A Coonhound true to his nature and breed!

This 2 year old ended up at the shelter as a stray.

Sadly, typical with the hounds.

They just can’t stop following their noses!

Texas Ranger, or Ranger for short, is an active, vocal, happy guy, with few cares in this world.

He loves exploring outside, spending time with people, and eating foodies.

In that order of course!

The best home for Ranger would be one with a fenced in yard, so he doesn’t track a scent and get lost again.

He also would thrive in an active home, where he could go on leashed walks and do what comes natural to him, scent searching!

Ranger is a talkative guy and isn’t afraid to tell a story or bark his opinion, so apartments are a no-go if you would like to keep a good bond with neighbors.

So far, Ranger is good with other dogs, but still needs to be cat tested.

He would do well in a home with sturdy children, as he doesn’t always know what or who is in front of him when running around.

He would make an excellent adventure buddy, so if you are looking to travel with someone, look no further! Texas Ranger may be your guy!

Feb 10: Denver

Hey, I’m Denver! I’m 3 years old, handsome, and pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I’m a shepherd mix and know lots of commands! I can sit, lay down, speak, and pretty much everything else! I’m a fun guy and pretty large, at 71 pounds! Come check me out if you’d love to live with me! I’m quite charming so I’m sure you would!

Feb 3: Stellaris

Stellaris is an obscenely cute little peanut healing up!

She came in with shockingly poor skin (dermatitis) but how she appears now is a massive improvement from how she did just two weeks ago.

I can see people who don’t know better being put off by her current condition combined with that grumpy face, but in reality Stellaris is an incredibly gentle girl who enjoys people and their laps!

She was even good for a bath to help clean her up.

I heard she even liked it!

She’s nervous around the other cats in the room but I suspect she is intimidated because it is a shelter and she is very small for an adult.

Big fan of people, though.

She’s beautiful and perfect to us! Come meet this sweet girl in room 5.

She is always snuggling in soft blankets.

January 27: Angelo

Hola! I am Angelo!

I am a 2 year old dog with 3 legs, and lots of love to give!

I came all the way from earthquake stricken Puerto Rico! Unfortunately, I was in a shelter there that was forced to evacuate!

Fortunately though, I already love it here!

The snow is a little strange, but the people and dogs are very nice!

Even though I only have three legs, I still like playing with people and other perros (that means dogs in Spanish)!

I also enjoy going for walks and cuddling up to people.

I wouldn’t mind living with children and would love to make as many friends as I can.

I can also teach your children some Spanish while we are at it! Anyways, I would love to find a home soon.

The shelter here is really nice, but I hear from all of the people how amazing it is to live with a familia that loves me too!

January 20: Arby

Who is this handsome guy?

This is Arby!

Arby is our oldest cat at the shelter right now, at around 12 years old, but you wouldn’t know it if you met him!

This guy loves playing with wands, chasing toys, rolling in catnip and passing out on comfy blankets!

With his large nosey nose, this man is so unique!

In Arby’s previous home, he was very loved, unfortunately his owner was put into a nursing home and Arby was surrendered to find a good retirement home!

It is so hard not to love this guy, so please come visit him!

January 13: Farvey

Who’s this handsome guy?

This is Farvey, the new guy!

He is a thick boy who makes the cutest piglet’ sounds.

He is super sweet and enjoy giving wet kisses.

Farvey is deaf but already learning hand signals, he takes treats gently and will sit and wait for his prize.

Due life circumstances his family was unable to keep him. He has lived with kids and cats before but can be dog selective.

So if you have a pup, a meet and greet would be recommended to see if they click.

If you would like to meet Farvey, stop by during our biz hrs: Tue-Fri 12-5 & Sat 11-4

December 22: St. Nick

Meet Saint Nick! Nick is a 2 year old goofball!

Even though this St. Nick doesn’t give actual presents, he does give lots of kisses and hugs!

Nick was abandoned by his previous “family” and was tied to a fence, outside, on a cold winter night.

He came to the shelter physically cold, but his personality was bright, warm, and welcoming!

Nick loved the blankets he was given, and even cuddled with the kennel staff.

He loves rolling around on his back, getting belly rubs, and going for walks outside.

Nick is still new to the kennel, so he has to be cat tested still.

He would probably love children, but the taller the better for him, due to his puppyish energy!

Nick is a big boy, so a family with large breed experience will be best for him.

If you were looking for a large cuddle buddy this winter, Nick may be your guy, but only if you don’t mind cuddling with a blanket hog!

December 23: Ghoulina

*Polydactyl cat alert*
Introducing Ghoulinda, our current polydactyl cat!

This means she has extra toes! Ghoulinda came in around Halloween, hence her name, but with her striking colors, it is kind of fitting too.

Ghoulinda’s purrsonality can be a bit spooky!

How could a one year old be so calm and lazy?

Is she a one year old on her 9th life, and has matured through the “ages”, or is there some type of sorcery keeping her mellow?

We may never find out, but taking her home, a person may!

What we do know, you will not have to worry about her keeping you up, chasing shadows of the night! She will be in bed, right beside you, getting her beauty rest!

December 16: Reagan

This handsome ham is Reagan.

He is a two year old big boy who came from a dreadful situation.

Reagan lived on a meat farm in Korea and was forced to breed, barely receiving food, until the inevitable would happen.

Thankfully, this place was shut down and almost 100 dogs were rescued.

Even though Reagan didn’t experience much love in this place, Reagan proves that dogs truly are forgiving creatures and live to love humans!

Reagan has come out of his shell right away since being rescued. He loves to cuddle and go for walks.

Reagan has fallen in love with toys!

He loves this new found fun and will play for hours by himself in the kennel.

Reagan is learning new “typical dog” behavior everyday and will continue to do so in a home, with patience and love to give.

He currently is picking up being housebroken on his own too. Most days we come in and this smart boy’s kennel is clean.

Many people can and will argue that the Korean dogs from the meat farms are a “lost cause” and will never be normal dogs.

We’d bet if they were to meet Reagan without knowing his background, they could never tell the difference!

The perfect home for this big cutie would be with no cats or small animals due to his high prey drive, pretty common in hounds.

A quiet home with no children would be ideal. He is such a love bug and so smart.

He walks great on the leash and enjoys having his ears rubbed. He is loving the American way of life and seems to be so thankful to be here with us.

December 9th: Sadie K.

Hey! I’m Sadie K., but I am willing to replace my last initial for yours if you take me home!

I am a happy, fun loving girl.

I love playing with toys and play bowing.

I am a quick one, so if you want to run, run with me! Do you have a dog? Another dog may be fun to play with too!

They can chase me, I chase them! Fun times, right? Are you active?

It is in my nature to be active due to being a Feist mix.

Feist are hunting dogs, so I do have the urge to sniff out critters. I also have the urge to give lots of kisses too! Come down to meet me if you think we’d be a match!

December 2nd:

Wendy Watermelon

*Sponsored Adoption* Are you looking for a sweet treat for your home? Wendy Watermelon would be very refreshing!

Wendy is a 5 year old lady, who was blessed (or cursed depending on how you look at it), with the cutest grumpy face. She could have even given “Grumpy Cat” a run for her money.

Wendy is laid back and because of this, she gets along with everyone.

She is a shy here, but when comfortable, she loves treats and talking. She will yell at you to give her treats or to rub her cute grumpy mug!

If you are interested in a new cat, check Ms. Watermelon out! Please do not let her face fool you, we are sure she will love you!

November 25:


My adoption fee was paid by a nice hooman! Thank you!

Nina doll is a petite senior that is a chatty Kitty!

Nina’s face is so adorable she looks like a porcelain doll. Nina would do better in a home as the only pet.

Age: 7 years


Domestic Short Haired Mix

November 18:


Hey, I am Kojima! I am a laid back guy and very smart.

I am around two years old and was abandoned with my friend Sweetie BB.

I may be the new guy in the shelter, but I’m not scared at all here.

I am housebroken and walk great on a leash. I will do anything for treats too!

I know sit, shake, and lay down.

I am a sweet guy and wouldn’t mind living with kids or another dog.

If you would like to meet up, visit with me in a petting room whenever this place is open. I would love to make a new friend!

November 11:


Hey I’m Tyco, but my friends call me Tykie!
I’m an athletic 3 year old looking for a furever home.

I’ve been at the shelter for a long time and I’ve learned many things while being here!

I love playing fetch and will do many tricks to get you to throw the ball for me!

I know sit, shake, down, and drop it.

I’m a smart boy, but will do best with a family with some dog experience to further my training.

So far I have become friends with female dogs around my energy or calmer, but I’m becoming more dog social every day.

I am not a fan of cats though! I’d love a family with energy and time for me. I would make a great hiking partner to explore with this summer. If you’re looking for an outdoorsy, athletic, love bug come visit me!

My Adoption fee has been paid! Thanks to a wonderful human!

If you are interested in learning more about these pets, or any of the other animals up for adoption at the Broome County Humane Society, please call them at 607-724-3709.

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