August 22nd – Meet Stardust!

Stardust is a 4 year-old spayed female cat.

She is super vocal, super duper sweet, loves to show off her belly, as you might have seen earlier.

She is on a special prescription diet just because she does have a history of having crystals in her urine. But you don’t have to worry about her being picky, all because she absolutely loves that food.

She also is really great with multi household cat so obviously a soft introduction is needed but she will get along with every cat that she meets and with dogs we’re not so sure, but with kids, obviously she’s going to be a great addition to that too.

Any cat over a year old for the entire month of August, our adoption fees are actually cut in half.

So if you are interested in Stardust, she is here at SPEAK Animal Hospital

Adoptable Pet of the Day is sponsored by the Owego and Endicott Agway.