September 20th – Meet Krrsantan!

Krrsantan is a 11 weeks-old male cat.

I know his name’s a little bit hard to pronounce, but if you are a book of Boba Fett or Mandalorian fan, you know exactly who I’m talking about.

He came in a little bit on the spicy side, but as you can see, he has warmed right up and has gone over to the good side and he is just so sweet.

He drools when you pat him, which isn’t a big deal. It’s just it’s more cute than anything. But he is scheduled to be neutered once he reaches the appropriate age.

So a little bit too small right now. But he loves other cats. Super playful, of course, is being a kitten, so he’s just ready to find his forever home.

So if you are interested in Krrsantan, he is here at SPEAK Animal Hospital

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