My Weather Art Contest is going “In the Garden” with Wegmans.

Sun and Rain makes the garden grow, and fruits and vegetables make kids grow strong!

That’s why the My Weather Art Contest is going “In the Garden” with Wegmans, asking kids ages 3 to 10to draw a picture showing us how fruits and vegetables are a part of their daily meals - in the lunchbox at school, on your plate at dinner, or as a snack, from ground to table, creating a healthier you! 

Did you know that different color fruits and vegetables have different vitamins and minerals that help keep you healthy?

Remember, eat a rainbow every day! 

E-mail your entry to, or mail your entry to us here at the station (203 Ingraham Hill Road, Binghamton, NY 13903)., create an entry at W-Kids, or drop it off at the Discovery Center. 

Include your name, age, address, phone number and a caption describing your picture.

Daily Prize: $5.00 Wegmans Gift Card.

Monthly Prize: A bag of Healthy Food valued at $25.   

My Weather “In the Garden” is sponsored by Wegmans.

Learn more at this link.