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Woman Murdered in Norwich

A Chenango County man has been charged with murder.
A Chenango County man has been charged with murder.

The Sheriff's Office says 48-year-old William Danielson killed his long time girlfriend, 39-year-old Lucinda Knoll. For years, they had lived in the Town of Preston and had a child together. Recently, they had separated and Knoll had moved to a trailer park in the Town of Norwich. Police say on Friday, Williamson ambushed Knoll outside her home and brutally assaulted her. She died at a hospital over the weekend. Sheriff Ernest Cutting tells how part of the investigation unfolded.

"They had recently had a separation. Initially maybe that raises some red flags and generally there is a motive at that point in time. We started looking at him, obviously there were some inconsistencies in his story as we began to talk with him and that rapidly led us in his direction," said Cutting.

Police say after the attack, Williamson crashed his truck, which emergency personnel found. That helped police with their investigation.
Charges against Williamson are scheduled to go to a grand jury next month. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Chenango County Sheriff's Office.
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