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Whitney Place Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary

Whitney Place in Binghamton, which is run by the Rescue Mission, is celebrating its 3 year anniversary.
Whitney Place in Binghamton is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. It's run by the Rescue Mission, which is a Christian non-profit agency that works to help get previously homeless men back on their feet. The Rescue Mission opened its permanent facility on Whitney Avenue on Binghamton's east side in 2010. Since then, it has housed more than 170 men. Nearly 40 of them have successfully gotten and kept jobs.
Many of those have moved into their own apartments in the community.

Victoria Collazo says, "We have some really great success stories and if the community should know anything, they should know that this place right here helps people where they probably felt they weren't going to have any help to get them back on their feet."

The Rescue Mission is referral only and says it operates at 99 percent capacity.

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