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Two Arrested for Mygatt St. Homicide, Arson

Two men are behind bars tonight charged in yesterday's brutal murder of a Binghamton man and for trying to kill his girlfriend.
Two men are behind bars, charged in Monday's brutal murder of a Binghamton man and for trying to kill his girlfriend.

Binghamton Police arrested Julian Talamantez IV, 21, and Nigel Saunders, 25, both from Binghamton. Police say they broke into the Mygatt St. home of Jordan Dordell, 22, a little before 6 o'clock on Monday morning. That's when police say they savagely beat and stabbed Dordell and his pregnant girlfriend more than 20 times. Police say Talamantez and Saunders then doused the victims and part of the house in gasoline and set fires to try to cover up their crimes.

"These victims were bound, viciously beaten repeatedly, stabbed repeatedly and obviously they left her for dead. With all of those severe injuries, she was able to break out a basement window, once she thought they were gone, and escape. That's when she went to the neighbor's residence," said police chief Joe Zikuski.

The suspects' mug shots are not being released yet because of an identification issue. Police say they did recover Dordell's truck, which the suspects stole. Police Chief Joe Zikuski says the crime was not random and that Dordell knew one of the suspects. Dordell's girlfriend and her fetus are expected to recover.
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