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Three-Peat For Spartans

Just one play stood between the Spartans and a State Title on Sunday in the 4th Quarter.
It probably still hasn't even sunk in yet for the Maine-Endwell and Chenango Forks football teams that they're State Champs. Although I did hear that they played 'We Are The Champions' over the intercom system at M-E. But hard to believe just one play stood between them and a state title in the 4th quarter; a two point conversion. There was no 'playing it safe' for the Spartans. It was a bold call to go for the two point conversion after a miraculous 75 yard touchdown drive with a minute and a half left in the game. But big risks, big rewards. That decision to go for the two came down to one thing: sheer willpower. At gut check time, Maine-Endwell was ready. Kyle Gallagher connected with Darnell Woolfolk in the endzone as the Maine-Endwell Spartans sealed their 3rd consecutive State Championship.

Coach Matt Gallagher says, "It's one of those things that maybe they thought I was nuts but they said ok lets go do it and that's the beauty of it. That's the type of kids these guys are. The fact that I thought they had a shot at blocking it the way they were set up. So thank god they called timeout and we just adjusted and said let's go for it."
Kyle Gallagher says, "Originally I said no let's just kick a field goal. He said no we're going for it. So then we went for it and the original look wasn't open. The line did a great job blocking no one was near me. Darnell just snuck out in the flats he actually wasn't supposed to be there he was supposed to be blocking but as I snuck up I saw him out of the corner of my eye and he just caught it."
Darnell Woolfolk says, "To be honest it felt like the ball took a year to get to me. I'm just so glad I caught it."

Not only did Woolfolk catch the pass on the two point conversion, he accumulated 177 yards rushing averaging 7 yards a carry earning himself the game's MVP. Other awards went to Colin LaSalle for Sportsmanship, Jacob Felice for most valuable Defensive Lineman, and Alec Wisniewski for most valuable Defensive Back.
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