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Rich David Wins Mayoral Race, Republicans Dominate Area

Binghamton has a new mayor-elect.
Binghamton has a new mayor-elect.

Republican Rich David is celebrating his victory over Binghamton City Council President Teri Rennia. In the end about $8,000 people cast ballots. David received 53 percent of the vote. Absentee ballots are not expected to change the outcome. Last night, David was joined by a large group of enthusiastic supporters at Terra Cotta downtown, which he co-owns. He thanked voters for their support.

"I recognize that what they did tonight is they gave me an opportunity, it's up to me now to make the most of that opportunity, to live up to the plan and pledge that I made to them. I want to promise, here's the first promise that I'll make. I promise to do the best I can and work each and everyday to live up to your expectations," said David.

In other races, Greg Deemie, the Republican Mayor of Johnson City, easily won election to a full 4 year term garnering nearly 70 percent of the vote in his race against Democrat Barrett Esworthy. And in Tioga County, former Assistant District Attorney Kirk Martin, a Republican, was elected D.A. in a race against Waverly attorney and Democrat Fred Luther.
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