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Quilts of Valor Presented to Veterans

A World War II and Korean War veteran was honored by Quilts of Valor.
A World War II and Korean War veteran was honored by Quilts of Valor.

A surprise ceremony was held at the Hilltop Retirement Community Center for 88-year-old Matt Murphy of Johnson City. Master Sergeant Murphy enlisted in the Navy in 1942 and saw combat in the Pacific Theater. After taking a year off after the war ended, Murphy re-enlisted, this time in the Army. While serving in the Korean War, he was captured by Chinese troops and held as a Prisoner of War for 33 months. Murphy says many of his fellow soldiers died during the long march to the camp or because of its deplorable conditions. After Korea, he worked as an Army recruiter until retiring from the military in 1964. Despite the horrors of the POW camp, Murphy recommends young people consider a military career.

"When there's war, it's not too good. But in peace time, it's good for them. They get good training and a lot of schooling," said Murphy.

Murphy was nominated to receive a handmade quilt from Quilts of Valor after his sister-in-law learned of the organization from our series Thank You Veterans in which we honored military heroes with special ceremonies that included a quilt. Since its founding in 2003, Quilts of Valor has presented over 95,000 quilts. For more information, go to
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