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Owego Elementary Groundbreaking Ceremony

Ground has been broken for the new Owego Elementary School.
Ground has been broken for the new Owego Elementary School. The dirt was frozen so a pile of it was brought in for the shoveling ceremony, Tuesday morning.

The former Owego Elementary School badly flooded in September of 2011. The new school will be built in the same spot, but elevated. It has taken more than 800 days to get to this point.

Superintendent Bill Russell says site work and construction on the new facility will be moving full-steam ahead.

"We have decided on a very aggressive schedule. We will be moving earth and digging and getting ready for foundations and structural steel all the way through the winter, which meant we got some very competitive prices, because the contractors are happy to have work all the way through the winter," said Russell.

The cost of the new facility will be between $55 million and $70 million. FEMA will pay for 80 to 85 percent of the cost. State building aid will cover nearly all of the remaining price tag.

David Barton is the President of O-A's Board of Education.

"Two years ago as the flood waters rolled through this area, I don't think that any of us could have imagined the herculean task that lie before us. Every student, staff member, faculty member, parent, people who used to call OES home were effected by this and we're looking forward to the opportunity to bring this back to more of a normal existence," said Barton.

The new school is scheduled to open in September of 2015.
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