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Tuesday will end up as a nicer day across the Greater Binghamton Area as there will be a mix of sun and clouds, lighter winds and temperatures rebounding into the upper 60s. This sets the stage for a 7-day stretch of pretty perfect weather.

Here are the weather headlines for this week:

• Coolest air from Monday moves out.
• High pressure builds in and controls our weather Tuesday, right into weekend
• A string of generally sunny and warm days expected during this time
• One exception will be Thursday as some extra cloud cover moves in from the south

High pressure will build our way from the Midwestern states today. This has started to clear our skies and we should end up with more in the way of sunshine on Tuesday. Winds will be lighter Tuesday, making it feel even warmer.

In the big picture, a rather large dome of high pressure will gradually build east during the week. While this happens, jet stream winds aloft will shift north into Canada and remain there for the foreseeable future. This puts us in a ‘blocked’ pattern where our weather will seem like a broken record for days on end. It will be dry and generally sunny from Tuesday through the rest of the week. Daytime high temperatures will rise into the 70s and by the weekend we should be in the mid-70s (at least).

While this is going on, however, an area of low pressure will be sneaking up the East Coast late in the week. This has the potential to be a ‘fly in the ointment’ for us. This may come just close enough to give the Catskills, northeast Pennsylvania, Poconos, and closer south to Philadelphia a chance of some showers. For the Southern Tier, it's going to be a very close call. The further north and west you are of Binghamton, the least chance of showers. If anything, expect at least some extra cloud cover on Thursday. That cloud cover and possible showers should make Thursday just a bit cooler than Wednesday. By Friday, high pressure will take hold again and this low pressure gets shunted out to sea.

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