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Greg Deemie Sworn-In

Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie took the oath of office early Wednesday morning.
Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie also took the oath of office, bright and early Wednesday morning. This will be Deemie's first full four-year term at JC's helm. The ceremony took place in the justice building. Deemie says he's looking to continue to bring residents and community organizations together to help solve the Village's problems. Much of his focus will be on improving code enforcement, fighting blight and concentrating on public safety.

Mayor Greg Deemie says, "Working with the board to enhance the Village, bring it back to a level that people are proud of again. It's nice to not have to worry about campaigning for at least three years, I can focus myself on what needs to get done in the Mayor's office. A lot of last year was cleanup and fix-up from what had happened before, what was going on before. Now, we can move forward and do what we want to do."

Re-elected trustees Bruce King and Luke Slota were also sworn-in. They say they're committed to the residents of the village and talk about some of the issues that need addressing.
Bruce King says, "We're going to continue to strive to provide good public safety, clean streets. Code enforcement is a big issue. We're working on that. We have to make a change. We've got some ideas and the board is going to talk about to see if we can come up with a different plan, a better plan."
Luke Slota says, "Code enforcement is definitely one of them with the town of union, getting the shared services, either working more fluidly, or else Johnson City is going to have to bring code back. Right now, with our fire department we still have a few outstanding issues and a contract still and with the police department one of our big focuses is getting their radio system up and running with the County. It's a lot of tweaking that needs to worked out."

Slota also thanks the village and residents for their support as he battled serious medical issues. JC next meeting will be on Tuesday.
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