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Greek Peak Pub Opens

Greek Peak Mountain Resort introduced its new bar restaurant.
Greek Peak Mountain Resort introduced its new bar restaurant. Trax Pub and Grill replaces the old Orion's Pub on the second floor of the Katalima building.

The $1.2 million eatery boasts brick oven pizza, a new menu by a new executive chef, 20 beers on tap, lots of TV's and live music each Saturday. And it has a Northwoods décor to match Hope Lake Lodge. There's even a convenient takeout counter and Trax will deliver pizza anywhere on the resort.

New owners John Meier and Marc Stemerman say the Pub and Grill will help make a good first impression.

"Bringing some neat, fun features to the mountain and also making this the centerpiece for food and beverage," said Meier.

"It just continues with our vision. This is our investment over here on the mountain side, the skier, boarder, this is all part of that skier, boarder improved experience," said Stemerman.

The owners say they're finishing up load testing on the new quad lift and expect it to start carrying skiers in the next week. As for the weekend forecast of rain and warmer temperatures, the mountain has on average a 30 inch base which managers think can withstand a major melt. Snowmaking resumes in earnest next Monday in advance of the holiday week.
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