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Fracktivists Plan State of the State Rally

Governor Cuomo delivers his annual State of the State Address in Albany on Wednesday.
About 75 to 100 anti-fracking activists from our region are expected to demonstrate at the capital according to organizers. Citizen Action in Binghamton has already filled a 56 seat bus and has helped to organize several car pools.

Organizers say 2,000 chanting fractivists created a quarter mile gauntlet for state lawmakers and officials to walk through on their way to the speech last year. This year, they're hoping for 2,500.

"The fact that we have chased the governor all across the state, the fact that our movement is growing and becoming stronger, the fact that there's a growing body of science that says that fracking is a bad idea, a bad choice, is going to make people sick in New York, I think it's all contributing to the fact that we don't have it here yet," said Isaac Silberman-Gorn of Citizen Action.

Fracking supporters say the protesters do not represent the majority of New Yorkers who would like to see fracking move forward.
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