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Endicott McDonalds Grand Reopening

The Golden Arches alongside the Square Deal Arch in Endicott has reopened.
The Golden Arches alongside the Square Deal Arch in Endicott has reopened. A new McDonalds has been built from the ground up on East Main Street. The restaurant closed on June 1st and reopened today.

Franchise owner Beth Dibble hosted local dignitaries and Ronald McDonald himself for a ribbon cutting. Dibble says the new building has an improved drive thru with a pull-forward window and two side-by-side ordering lanes. The kitchen equipment has been modernized and there are improved, more accurate registers for ordering. Dibble, whose parents, the late Clyde and Mabel Stoltz, passed down the restaurants to her, says she's proud to have grown up in the business.

"Without the customers, without our employees, we are nothing. For that, I am ever grateful. For what McDonald's represents to society, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It's the best," said Dibble.

"It's been wonderful being here with all the VIP's. I wish you, Beth, continued success. I wish you continued success at your TV station and to everybody out there, ba-da-ba-ba-bah, I'm lovin' it!" said Ronald McDonald.

Grand opening celebration discounts and prizes will be given over the coming weeks including special $1 pricing tomorrow. And if you missed seeing Ronald McDonald, he'll be returning to the restaurant on the evening of November 5th for a McFamily Fun Night.
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